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$30 per site per day

Please note, swap sites are not permitted to sell food or drink.

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Entry Details

Entry to all day events on Sat & Sun for all family (Excludes judging)
Top 5 Pro Judging (on Sat Additional)
Street Category Judging (on Sat Additional)
Sunday Entry Only
Sprints & Go to Whoa at DECA, Logic Centre (Limited to 50)
Go to Whoa at DECA, Logic Centre (Limited to 80)
Dyno Shootout
Car Coral
AUD [(field38*field39)+field20+field21+field22+field23+field25+field26+field27+field41]
Stripe Card Placeholder
Driving Event Disclaimer


Chryslers on the Murray respectfully requests that whilst you are attending the weekends event that you drive legally and sensibly. We do not need the bad publicity that Hoon driving brings upon our Club. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from any further participation in the event or subsequent events.

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